Dolina Chochołowska, 34-512, Malopolskie, Lesser Poland

Dolina Chochołowska, 34-512, Malopolskie, Lesser Poland

cowslips galore in theb Trzanski National ParkDolina means valley in Polish. Dolina Chocholowska is a beautiful valley to the south west of Zakopane in Poland. During the middle of April masses of wild purple crocus adorn the valley floor as the winter snows recede. A multitude of yellow cowslips and other wild flowers follows.

This valley is part of the Tatrzanski National Park. There is a car park near the entrance to this section of the park where you can leave your car when hiking. Payments for entry to the park are made at a small wooden kiosk.

From here you have the option of various methods of travel for the first 3 kilometres because you can either buy a ticket for the land train, hire a bicycle both cheap options) or hire one of the regional highland horse and carts which works out10 times more expensive per person.

cycle hire in the valley Chocholowska - cheap ratesIf you choose to walk, you are acompanied by the sound of rushing water because the river gurgles and gushes over rocks just a few metres away through the valley. Pussy willows flower along its banks and are picked to adorn local houses and restaurants.

The flat terrain through the valley is flat and offers perfect walking conditions for all ages past lush flower strewn meadows and woodland. There are plenty of picnic places and it really is an idyllic location for a warm summer's day. A sign warns visitors not the feed any brown bears that might approach them. Regional cheese sellers, shepherds and Gorale all make their living from the pastures.

Traditional highland wooden huts are scattered at intervals supplying refreshments. Way-marked paths and trails lead in various directions, including a 3 hour trail to Gubalowka in Zakopane. This part of the Tatrzanski National Park lies close to the Slovakian border.

  • We recommend walking the first two sections through the valley, perhaps 3 miles, then hiring a bicycle to cycle downhill all the way on the way back.
  • The restaurant on the junction offers very good traditional Polish food.
  • The official car park at the entrance to the national park cost 15 zloty per day in 2010.


We recommend Dolina Chochołowska near Witow and Chochołow on the 958 for a lengthy walk amidst beautiful scenery.


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Witow Lesser Poland

The small town of Chochołow, 8 km from the junction for the Valley Chochołowska, with a main street full of late 19th century regional Highland wooden houses and a wood carver's workshop where you can buy amazing Highland works of art carved from wood and some other local crafts. The wood carver is called Jan Ziedera and his work is sold far and wide.

As you travel through this Lesser Poland region you will quickly realise how extensively wood is used for building, decoration, fuel and many other purposes.

Traditional wooden carvingsThe Lesser Poland area is famous for its HIghland folk culture, wooden carvings and colourful regional costumes.


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