Feedback and reviews of the self-catering accommodation

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One of two twin bedrooms on the top floor with an en-suite shower room and fabulous views. Gas central heating.

self-catering holidays Poland

holiday lets poland

Holiday house to rent for self-catering holidays in Rabka Zdroj, 25 miles Zakopane, half hour drive Lake Czorsztyn. Sleeps 10 in 5 bedrooms. Jacuzzi bath.

holiday lets poland

Feedback and reviews from past guests at the Holiday House in Poland

some of the comments that guests have sent us after staying in the holiday let in Poland

The Veevers family came for 2 weeks during August

Poland was great. The house is large and comfortable and the balconies were very welcome as it was so hot whilst we were there, it was also useful to have all the maps and leaflets in the house...

We went to lots of interesting places and walked loads - it was good exercise walking up and down from town to the house every day! The kids loved the go-carts in the park. We climbed Mt Giewont, went into Cracow a couple of times on the bus, went to the Salt Mines and Oscwiecem, rafted on the Dunajec and visited the castles on Lake Czorsten so now need a rest! It is a lovely country and everyone was very friendly - apart from some mad drivers! We have all learnt quite a bit of Polish as well which has been really good for the kids.


Mr Szyndra and family and friends stayed in January 2011 and wrote

"back late yesterday afternoon safe and sound , hope all was
o.k with the House after our stay...your house is brilliant and we really
enjoyed our time there.. the boys had a great time skiing ..my friend and I
had a great time falling... and the wife's had a fun time watching......thanks again...................... "


The Lancaster family stayed at the end of November 2010

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to enjoy your totally beautiful home in Poland. As a family we were absolutely bowled over upon arrival, and Maria's friendliness (even in Polish) was lovely."

Ashley and his former scouting friends stayed for 2 weeks in mid June 2010

We really enjoyed your house - it was voted the most luxurious holiday house
we've stayed in !.

It's a bit of a slog up after a meal and a few beers though! I only managed
to get the others to come home by taxi once!

Generally we liked all the restaurants except the Elephant, which though
'the poshest'was the most unfriendly ( the staff never smiled once!) We
would have gone to your favourite more,but with the bridge  closed it's a
long trip for a taxi or a long walk.The newish one by the tourist office is
very friendly has a lot of 'ambience' but no english menu.We met a great
taxi driver called Rafal who spoke a little english and is learning more
from a book,though he did spend a couple of months in Dublin - which must
have confused him. If you meet him ask how his tomatoes did this year - he
is growing lots of different varities as do I.We left his card in the

I was surprised by the lack of english spoken compared with Kracow. Even the tourist office had only 1 person who could speak a little english,and if she
wasn't in ............ I don't think Rabka gets many foreign tourists yet.

It was a shame about the weather, we still did a lot of walking. It was nice
to have the Gorce nearbye. You could spend 3 or 4 days walking there, and stopping over at the huts.

We did the 3 crowns and other walks in the Pieninski (not sure of that
spelling?)in the first week with mixed sunshine and showers. We tried the
Tatras in the 2nd week, but had to come down in what would be almost winter
conditions in the Alps. Babia Gora we conquered, but again it was gale force
winds and very cold,so again we had to come directly back down,and not go
round the ridges.
I left maps of all the parks - some a little torn with the wind and rain!
Also replaced the Rabka one which we got a little wet.

Generally we found the countryside very beautiful, the flowers in the fields
included lots of orchids.

The walking was well waymarked compared with other countries. However it
would have been nice to have a little english on the notice boards. We
crossed into Slovakia a few times, and they have English on all the notices
( like Slovenia & Estonia) - which must annoy the french?!

Maria is a character, glad she was happy with the house.
It might be a good idea to refit the scart connectors once a year.
Also we fitted new batteries to the dvd controller as it was a bit
intermittent - perfect afterwards. There are 2 spare for the future.

If I was an insurance company I wouldn't insure Polish drivers!
We nearly got bounced a few times. A car overtook us on double white lines
about 50 yards from a bend. Another car then overtook that one when it was
level with us!! Both collided and one lost a wing. Luckily we braked and
They are nuts.

Our comment: It was a shame about the weather this year, it can be glorious in June but we love scouts and former scouts. These were brilliant guests!

Jo Shore and her friends stayed over new Year 2009-2010

"... we all had a lovely time thank you.  The house was brilliant.  No one wanted to come home!  I was so relaxed I had to really think about what day it was and what time.  I can't remember when I was last so chilled out.  It was stressful trying to get everything organised before Christmas though having said that.  I was ready for a break!
Siwy Dym was lots of fun.  Plenty of drink and food and lots of music, a really good atmosphere.  Dont think we left until about 5am which I never usually do so we must have been having fun!  Thank you so much for sorting that out for us.  "

Francesca, Mike and friends stayed for a few days in mid December 2009

"We would just like to say a big thank you for making our stay so enjoyable in Rabka. We had an absolutely brilliant time and thought the house was stunning. We found the house had everything we could need and more. ... We loved the comfy beds, Jacuzzi, log fire and Christmas decorations!"



The Thorns family from Durham arrived in Poland from 18th August

"We had wonderful time, the house was great.  The children loved being there.  The table football was a particular hit with Joshua (9) as were the Go Karts in the park.  We had stunning weather and the balcony was well used for breakfast and evening meals, the information and books you left were a great help too.

We did get to Auschwitz and there was no problem with the children.   Thank you for all the help, we loved Poland and have recommended it to a number of our friends."


Milejski family and friends stayed in July 2009

We had a great holiday in Rabka. The house was super and the location was ideal for us. We managed to sight-see and do some good walking - I even managed to get up Lubon Wielki even though I've got a dodgy knee. The only problem is the Zakopianka - it took us about 2.5 hours to get to Krakow one morning!

If you go up the hill from the house towards the red route up to Maciejowa there is a house just on the junction with the red route. They were advertising honey. I bought some Lipowy in a huge 1.3kg jar for 25zl. Got it to UK without breaking - it is fantastic.....

....We would be happy to recommend the house and location to others if you ever need someone to - it was fantastic. We would definitely be interested in returning in the future.


The Green family and their friends stayed half-term February

Well we arrived home safely on Saturday night, with no delays or hold ups. Thank you from all of us for helping out with bus transfers and luggage transportation!

We all agreed that it was possibly the best ski-ing holiday we have been on. We visited somewhere different everyday with our guide and instructor Greg. He was extremely helpful and spent all day with us.

Your house is beautiful and very comfortable, with enough space for everyone. We took loads of photos of Rabka and the area so will send you some soon.

The Smiths and their friends stayed for a week 1st February. They wrote:

"Thank you so much for enabling us to have such a fantastic holiday!! Your house is amazing - we have never stayed anywhere in such luxury (the kids are already complaining about their 'thin' pillows at home...!). We had a really great time and managed to do a fair bit of skiing. Everyone was very friendly (although we suspect we were laughed at quite a lot!)  - Maria gave us a lovely welcome and was very patient as I attempted to talk to her via my phrase book."

" On our last day we had a brilliant walk up Maciejowa Hill to the
mountain refuge - a proper hike for the kids and a great experience through the
snow-laden trees."

"We have come back from Poland feeling relaxed - but also feeling that we've had a real adventure - a fantastic combination! Thanks for your detailed notes and all the questions that you answered before we went - it really added to our holiday."

A Group for Russia stayed New Year 2008/9, they wrote

We'll never tire to say thank to you and Pani Maria, for your hospitality. It's was really cozy, homely and friendly atmosphere in your wonderful house! We were on mountain slopes in Austria, Finland, Slovakia, and Moscow there are everywhere endless queues, problems with parking, crowded restaurants. In Rabka Zdroj never met any queues, even in Zakopane. There was plenty of snow and not so cold - about 12 C degrees below zero in night and 1 C degrees below zero.


The Higgins family booked the house for Christmas 2008 for 8 people in all and wrote on their return:

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the stay at your holiday home in Rabka. Had a wonderful time and place was nicely decorated."

A hen party of 12 ladies spent a weekend at the end of November and extracts from one email:

We had the most fantastic time. Your house was absolutely beautiful as
was Rabka Zdroj......

.... The second night was supposed to include a trip to Krakow but we were
still recovering from the adventures at the Siwy Dym and so decided to
have dinner at 'Pod Chmurka'? We celebrated Andrzejki there as it was
the eve of St Andrew's and they lay on a 7 course meal, we managed to
eat 3 of them and they gave us boxes of food and bottles of vodka to
take back to the house! I left on the Sunday but we all loved the house
so much that they decided to stay in all of Sunday watching videos!!

... I shall definitely be returning with my young family in the future some
time so you'll be hearing from me again.

The Buckley family (adult group) spent a week in mid August 2008 wrote back:

We had a wonderful time - you have a lovely house which is comfortable and well equipped. It is possible that we may book with you again, also I will recomend your house to friends who have also shown an interest in Poland.

The Korol Family - 3 generations went end July/August 2008 for 10 days and wrote:

Weather was absolutely brill, we loved the accomodation and took advantage of Rabka for the children (close resteraunt on the corner near park, play park, go karts etc.  The market was fun to.  We did spend the majority of time away though, in Zakopane for a few days, Krakow, Staniatki, Aushwitz, Calvary church, the list goes on.
The kids toys were a great asset to the house, as were the dvd's and mountain bike for me !
I did a few journeys up the hill and over the top.

Our comments: there are lots of places of interest in the area for day trips. One holiday is just not enough.

The Askews stayed 3rd week of July 2008 for 7 days. Some of their feedback:

What a gorgeous area you have chosen.  We love walking and visited the "Potato Pancake " place up the hill on a couple of occasions.  We walked right up to the National Park and round various routes in the woods/ hills.  It was so nice to be somewhere where English was not spoken as we now feel we can communicate the basics (very basic) in Polish.  People still seem a little suspicious of foreigners I think.  We had a wonderful walk (and superb typically Polish meal) in Sromowce-Nizne and climbed the Trzy Korony. Spectacular views across to Slovakia. Our day in Zakopane was unfortunately a washout due to torrential rain and a low lying mist - another time. They have certainly had an enormous amount of rain so the water supply should be safe. Our days were mixed, but fortunately we were usually able to have a sun-downer on the balcony!

Our comments: we provide 2 umbrellas in the house in case of rain. There are still plenty of indoor things to do like visit the salt mines, aquapark, Auschwitz. Everyone enjoys watching the sunsets from the balcony - preferably with a drink in hand.

Mr and Mrs Manning stayed with their friends and children; two 2 year olds and a four year old in late February 2008:

Just come back after having a great holiday, unfortunately there wasn't any snow in Rabka but we still had a great time and the house is beautiful, really homely. Thanks the Mannings


Our comments: 2008 was a dismal year for snow generally in Europe. If the temperatures are below 2 degrees, they use snow machines on the slopes to produce snow so that you can generally ski. The snow lasts lomger in Zakopane than elsewhere. Some years they're snowed in. Need that crystal ball or try looking up historical weather records for Zakopane.


Thinking about self-catering in Poland in the autumn .....


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