Nature Holidays in Poland

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A natural paradise


It really doesn't matter where you go to in Poland, outside of the main cities and towns, and you will discover the most natural beautiful countryside.This web site features the south of Poland between Cracow and Zakopane but we've driven across Poland, from north west to south east and know that no other country compares with its extensive broad leaf forests, full of bird song and meadows.nature


Perhaps due to inefficiency and former days of poverty, Poland's countryside is generally natural and untamed - a place where wild flowers and animal flourish. Birds of prey gliding across the sky on the look out for easy pickings are common. Spot shy deer lurking in the meadows, foxes, brown squirrels, wolves and wild boar.


There are plenty of butterflies (Peacock butterfly shown above) and birds - a nature paradise for anyone who enjoys the countryside and for photography holidays to capture images of wildlife.

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Open countryside with few restrictions - great destination for walkers


Countryside in Poland tends to be unfenced except where young forested areas are fenced to protect the saplings from deer. This makes it a pleasure to walk in. You will find that the Poles have downtrodden paths for you because they too adore walking, mushroom picking and their countryside. There is a surplus of walks, most are extremely well signposted - albeit in Polish.


The following photographs show some of the wild flowers common in this part of Poland. Click to enlarge. Do please feel free to contact us if you can identify some of them. Most are of spring flowers but Poland is a rewarding country to visit for nature holidays in spring, summer and autumn.


Dandelion meadow in May Wild alpine strawberries growing by the side of forest paths © Holiday Lets Poland : Sky blue flowers of Germander Speedwell © Holiday Lets Poland : Woodland white flowers in pleasing drifts © Holiday Lets Poland | The Poles call these 'kaczanki' or duck flowers because they grow in masses near water Violets growing on the forest floor © Holiday Lets Poland : Wood sorrel growing in woodland in early May Close up of Wood Sorrel Blue autumn flowering plant found in the hills Pale yellow woodland flowers in spring Another woodland flowring plant Many petalled flower White flowers of spring Southern Poland : yellow primula flowers in the spring Tall tiered plant Mauve flowers with divided leaves Wild flower: lilac beauty that grows freely in meadows around Rabka Wild Flowers: blue bell shaped flowers

If you enjoy wild flowers, you will adore Polish countryside. Everywhere you walk is a wild flower trail.



Krakow - 60 km (1 hour drive), Zakopane - 40 km


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