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Tatra Mountains from Nowy Targ
View of the Tatra mountain range in the distance from the Zakopianka road. It is a stunning sight when the sky is clear.

Nowy Targ, just north of Zakopane

Nearing Nowy Targ from the north, the Tatra Mountains suddenly loom into view in the distance. It's a stunning sight that never fails to thrill.

The town of Nowy Targ itself is a normal Polish town, not a tourist area as such although it is only a 20 minute drive from it to the large ski resort of Zakopane.

It also lies on the train line to Zakopane offering easy fast access to Zakopane. The road is currently mostly single carriageway although traffic is not unduly heavy except during special public holidays and for skiing.

There are plenty of places to stay and eat out in and around Nowy Targ with the advantage of lower prices than Zakopane.

There is a very pleasant group of 4 geo-thermal swimming pools at Szaflary, just south of Nowy Targ where people go to relax in the bath temperature water of 36 degrees, jacuzzi and massage jets.

The largest swimming pool complex in Poland is a short drive away near Zakopane, plus the aquapark in Zakopane means that water babies are very well catered for in this area.


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Zakopane town centre vacation rentals zakopane


Zakopane town centre is almost always busy with shoppers, tourists, walkers and sightseers. In common with many tourist locations you will find regional fare with a few western influences such as Macdonalds and Pizza Hut.

The Zakopane Aqua Park

The new addition in December 2006 is a state of the art aqua park with flumes, swimming pools and jacuzzis. It is designed for all seasons. There is a geo-thermal outdoor pool heated to a comfortable temperature all year round where you can swim with a stunning view of the Tatra mountains.

Travelling from Rabka to Zakopane The countryside around Rabka is quite lovely; rolling wooded hills and valleys, scattered with Alpine style houses.

Nearing Nowy Targ, you catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Tatra mountains.

zakopane rabka

Once in Zakopane, the mountains loom above. Zakopane means 'buried', which it can be with heavy snow falls.

Arts and crafts in Zakopane Zakopane arts
Lots of good things to buy
  • woollen hats, lined with fake fur. You'll need these during the winter months to prevent your ears from freezing.
  • sheepskin rugs
  • glass, amber and silver
  • the most beautiful Christmas decorations in the world

Zakopane Christmas
All beautifully decorated for Christmas. Pubs and restaurants are warm and welcoming.


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