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Polish National Dress

National dress worn with pride


  • family holidays krakowPolish national dress varies according to region. Many people think of the Krakowski costume seen above as Polish national dress but there are numerous colourful variations. The womens' costumes all include a colourful skirt, often with an apron, a blouse, waistcoat which is embroidered or sequined, or both, strings of beads and ribbons and flower garlands in their hair.
  • The Gorale or mountain people wear national dress for many formal functions, for tourism and special occasions. If you go on holiday anywhere near the Tatra mountains you're likely to see people going to church in national dress or attending an event. The men steering the boats on the Dunajec rafts wear blue embroidered woollen waistcoats and a hat with a feather.
  • If you go out for a meal in Zakopane or any of the small tourist towns round about, the musicians and sometimes waitresses will wear their national costume.
  • When visiting Poland, try to coincide your trip with one of the festivals and events, especially in the summer or at New Year, that involve Polish dance, music, national dress and folklore.
  • The Christmas Market held in December in the main square is another good place for spotting people in Polish national dress as well viewing the elaborate nativity cribs in the annual competition.


Mountain national dress in the Zakopane areaZakopane below the Tatra Mountains is a must for its very strong culture and pride in the Polish mountain National dress. In Zakopane you will be assured of good food from a huge selection of eateries, fabulous views and great deal of local colour. Enjoy horse and cart rides in the summer months, sleigh rides complete with jingling bells during the winter. See traditional rustic carved mountain houses. Buy dried flower arrangements, sheepskin rugs, wooden sculptures and carved pictures at the local Zakopane market.


holiday lets polandKrakow - 60 km, Zakopane - 40 km