Ice skating in Rabka Zdrój, near Zakopane

ice skating rabka zdroj
The ice skating rink in Rabka, south Poland

There is a dual purpose ice skating rink in Rabka Zdroj which doubles for roller blading in the summer.

  • It is open from the 15th of December until the end of February

Refreshements are available in the bar overlooking the ice skating rink.

It's a popular activity in Rabka and well-used, especially by children.


The ice skating rink is located opposite and down from the bus station. There is a small car park alongside, with access from the Steskal siupermarket road.

Zakopane, 40 km south (25 miles) is the best-known ski resort with many places to ski and an ice skating rink, although it can be very busy.

Winter holidays in Poland

A great location for cheap family winter fun, including skiing, ice skating, sledging and playing in the snow.

  • Several ski slopes in the town.
  • Lots of hills and fields for sledging or toboganning.
  • Horse drawn seligh rides available in Rabka, Zakopane and other touristy locations.

Skiing at the Maciejowa ski slopes in Rabka (2 tows)

skiing at Maciejowa in Rabka Zdroj - ideal for beginners and improvers
skiing for beginners at Maciejowa ski slopes Rabka Poland
gentle slopes and tow for beginners
2 sets of tows


If you stay at our self-catering holiday rental in Rabka, there is a field immediately behind for sledging. Just step through the gate in the back garden to enjoy sliding down the gentle slope. Safe for children.

sledging in the field behind our holiday rental in Poland
holiday rentals poland - sledging and skiing holiday
Step out of the back gate for sledging
Fun for the whole family

We have a selection of plastic sledges and a wooden and metal sledge in the garage for guests to use.





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