Rabka Zdrój Spa, near Zakopane

rabka zdroj spa


The spa facilities in Rabka Zdroj

On the left is a photograph of the salt spring building or spa in the park in Rabka Zdroj.

The salt water spring (solanka) cascades through the wooden twigs around the central section to cascade as a fine mist. People walk around this to inhale the healthy salt laden mist.

They always walk in a clockwise direction, why we don't know.

The nearby coffee shop stocks spring water in bottles that people can purchase to drink. There is a selection with different health giving properties.

For people who associate the word spa with massage and jacuzzi, there are various places to enjoy massage and related treatments in Rabka at very attractive prices. See pamper breaks.


More about the park in Rabka Zdroj


The park in Rabka is known as the health park and apart from walking and feeding squirrels, people also meet on Tuesdays by the walking signpost at 5 pm for Nordic walking. Sticks for walking can be hired.

There is a brand new spa building for invigorating and relaxing massages and health treatments.

Other sports amenities:
  • Tennis courts in the park
  • Cycle paths in the park - local bicycle hire behind Elephant Fountain.


More photographs of the spa facilities in Rabka Zdroj, southern Poland

skiing at Maciejowa in Rabka Zdroj - ideal for beginners and improvers
skiing for beginners at Maciejowa ski slopes Rabka Poland
close up of twigs at the salt spring
Very good apple cake at the other cafe


The spa section and coffee shop behind it that sells the mineral water.

Come and enjoy the peculiarities of Rabka Zdroj.

  • Find out why people always walk in a clockwise direction.
  • Why the squirrels are dark brown.
  • Why Polish people do not make eye contact with drivers when they cross roads.


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