Rabka Zdrój - Art Gallery or Galleria

Galleria in Rabka Zdroj



There is a tiny art gallery called Galleria on the edge of the park in Rabka Zdroj. It's a small treasure of a place which is owned by the local council and run by artist volunteers. The artists display their work there which includes much Folk Art, paintings on glass, embroideries, tapestries, Pergamano, wood carvings and many other arts and crafts.

If you would just like to view the art gallery, entrance is free.


It's more than just a place to display arts and crafts, the artist of the day also runs workshops. Anyone of any age can pop in to create a masterpiece of their own and all that you pay for is the cost of the materials.


The gallery can be found at the back of a large wooden building near the corner of Nowy Swiat and Parkowa. It's not the first building on the corner but the one behind it walking up Nowy Swiat. There is a hairdressers in one part of the building with graffiti on the side which says 'Death to Hairdressers' in Polish. Someone obviously did not appreciate their hair cut.

If you enjoy art galleries and exhibitions, there are various artists tha you van visit at home, many more art galleries and plenty of pavement artists in Zakopane.


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