Rabka Zdrój - Elephant Fountain and Coffee Shop

Rabka Zdroj Elephant Fountain
There is a fountain flanked by four groups of water spouting elephants near the Health Park. A coffee shop catering to tourists is behind it. This also claims to serve up to 30 varieties of pierogi - a Polish savoury or sweet dumpling. The fountain is illuminated by coloured lights at night and music is played until late in the evening.
Elephant Fountain in Rabka Zdrój

The elephant fountain is in front of the coffee shop in a strip of park beside the main road; Jana Pawla II.

It's a popular focal point for visitors to the town.

There is a town notice board to one side with local information and a town map.

Rabka tourSometimes it's possible to take an electric car tour of Rabka. The price we saw was 5 zloty per person.


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Public noticeboards for events

Rabka eventsThere are noticeboards all around Rabka where people post their events. Occasionally banners are also hung across the road.

There is a tourist information office behind the coffee shop where it's possible to book trips such as bus tours of the Beskids (hill range), horse and cart rides, bonfire barbecues with a highland or gorale band.

The local buses from across the road at the bus station travel to may useful places such as Cracow, Zakopane and Kety for Auschwitz.

Many visitors to Rabka Zdrój come for walking holidays. It's a common sight to see groups or pairs of young walkers with backpacks on their backs following one of several trails up to the surroundinghills. See walking holidays from Rabka Zdroj

Rabka is also renowned for its spas or natural salt springs. There is a structure in the park that houses a salt water spring that falls through twigs to create a mist that people inhale as they walk. See Rabka Zdroj Spa. There are also places to have a massage and treatments associated with spas.

English speaking visitors are still a minority in this part of Poland, and those who do come tend to have Polish connections so a phrase book is pretty essential. Most of the younger Poles speak some English.

Looking for a nice place to stay in Rabka with plenty of privacy:



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