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The Museum Wladyslaw Orkana is housed in a beautiful former larchwood church that dates back to 1606, complete with onion domes and covered in wooden shingles or tiles.

It can be found on the main road ulica Sadecka.

It features a fascinating collection of history of folk art in the area. There are 4 rooms of historical artefacts including quaint intricate cheese moulds and tools used for pottery, beek keeping, blacksmiths, farming and local life through the ages.

The lady at reception conducts highly entertaining tours if she has time. She showed us how people become part of the body of the church by placing lost teeth inbetween planks in the wall, the barrel that' if you throw a few grosze in, you will never go short of bread'.

The 16th century church is beautifully painted and features a beautiful ceiling, angels, cherubs and a magnificent church organ.

The Poles are well-known for their artistic talents - its worth taking a look at such a wealth of history of art in this area.

Take a look at some of the artefacts on offer on the Museum Orkana's own web site. Polish only - but plenty of photographs and map showing its location.

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The Museum Orkana

In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum also presents lectures on a large variety of topics such as 'History of Style' relating to wooden architecture, Painting and Art, Customs in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Those with an interest in church furniture and decoration can view the original wooden altar, carvings, religious figures and organ.

I would highly recommend anyone to visit this museum. It's small so that you don't get bored, and contains so many interesting relics, both religious and secular, that tell a great story of local life.



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