Rabka Zdrój - Post office and banks

Post office Rabka Zdroj


The Post office in Rabka Zdroj is on the corner of ulica Orkana (runs through the park) and Pocztowa.

To the side of the building is an Internet Facility where people can use the Internet, write to CD and print documents. A scale of very reasonable charges is displayed on the door. A 'karnet' of tickets for 5 or 10 hours Internet access can be purchased as well as a minimum of half an hour at a time.

Intenet access is also available at all hours of the day when the Post office may be closed in the local pub/disco/cinema on ulica Nowy Swiat.



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  • There are several banks in Rabka plus ATMs for 24 hour access.
  • You should be able to obtain Polish currency using your normal debit card. The limit you can withdraw on any single day from ATMs is 2,000 zloty.
  • Check before you leave whether your bank charges for withdrawls, you may prefer to take out fewer large sums to reduce the cost. We have always found exchange rates fair.
  • Most larger shops and restaurants accept credit cards.
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