Rabka Zdrój - Rynek - Market Square

There is a flower and livestock (mainly chickens) market in Rynek on Monday mornings and a flea market on the patch of ground over the river
Monday morning is market day

Rynek or the market square in Rabka Zdroj is filled with various stalls selling flowers, chickens (live in crates), animal feed and other goods on a Monday morning.

The quality of the plants and shrubs is excellent. You may find unusual varieties that you don't come across easily back home. For Brits, in 2009, the cost of plants was generally 30% less than back in the UK although taking them home can be difficult unless you drive.

Certain plants such as Angel's Trumpets or Datura cost £3 for a good sized plant compared with an average price of £8 in the UK.

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Colourful market scenes

For photographers, Rynek offers lots of opportunities for photographs of the Polish way of life and interesting characters. In addition to the flower market, there is a flea market across the river in front of the 16th century wooden church and museum.


Flea market in Rabka on a Monday morning

At the far end of Rynek is parking for Rabkoland funfair and museum. Parking is free.

Across the road from Rynek is Bar Mysliwski which comes highly recommended for lunch. It offers good value home cooked meals and a speedy service until about 17:00. Soup and main course only. No chips or puddings. Beer or juice to drink.

The walk along the river that flows past Rynek is pleasant during the summer. It is best to walk on the bank nearest the museum and it is possible to walk into the centre of Rabka and to its southern borders.

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