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Corner shop with good range of groceries and everyday requirements

When on a self-catering holiday you will need to know where to obtain essential everyday requirements although it's also nice to wander round viewing differences in prices and types of goods for sale.

The Adas Supermarket is the nearest supermarket to the holiday home in Rabka Zdrój. It's within walking distance, and stocks a good range of groceries, drinks, newspapers and magazines and fresh produce. The walk back is uphill and use of a car is recommended.

The Polish for shop is sklep.

A large supermarket which also has a butcher's counter is a little further down the same road.

Partly because the park occupies the centre of town, there are several distributed shopping areas, supermarkets and specialist shops in different parts of the town.

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Shops and amenities in Rabka

  • several supermarkets
  • chemists
  • 24 hour garage
  • baker
  • butcher
  • foto shop for processing and films
  • beauty salons and hairdressers galore. A manicure costs around £3-5, hair cut and blow dry less than £8 (depwnding on choice of hairdresser).
  • post office with internet cafe
  • a couple of small shopping centres with a variety of electrical, home decor, clothes and similar shops
  • several restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

The supermarkets are on average open until 7pm every evening including Sunday.

Other types of shops close early, by 3 pm on a Saturday. People should take note of Polish public holidays because all shops will be closed on those days. Restaurants stay open.

Suggested shops for British Visitors

Most Brits prefer fresh meat to processed and the supermarket that stocks a selection of fresh meats likely to appeal to the British palate is Biedronka on Zakopianska. Malgosia on Orkana is best for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Rabka Zdroj Tourist centre

There is a sports shop on the main road with the bus station. This sells maps of Rabka and the surrounding area. So if you would like to find out about waymarked trails or cycle paths you'll be able to obtain them there.

Differences in goods

It took us a while to find fresh milk in supermarkets because it comes packaged in plastic bags and not in cartons or plastic bottles.

You generally have to self-weigh fruit and vegetables then stick a price label on in supermarkets before you go to the checkout.

Buy bread fresh on a regular basis - it does not stay fresh for as long as sliced loaves in Britain. Probably fewer chemicals used.

Things to bring with you

Bring tea - it's never the same abroad, gravy granules, custard powder, porridge and marmalade if you eat them, and toilet paper if you really need the soft stuff.


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