Rabka Zdrój - sunsets

rabka zdroj sunset


Perhaps there's time to stand and stare when on holiday.... we have seen some spectacular sunsets in Rabka Zdrój.

Here's a few photographs of sunsets that we have marvelled at.

The one on the left is of a river in Rabka Zdrój at sundown.

rabka zdroj sunset rabka zdrj sunset

There are fewer street lights in Rabka Zdrój than in many places in western Europe so that starry nights can be equally breathtakingly beautiful in clear unclouded skies.


Rabka Zdrój



The town of Rabka Zdroj is a wonderful base for a family holiday. Even if you do not visit anywhere else, the town has lots to entertain children, mainly based around the large central Rabka park and the permanent funfair of Rabkoland.

Many Polish people from other parts of Poland come to Rabka Zdrój to drink the mineral water from the spas and walk around the spring, enjoy country walks and cycling on the paths. It's a wonderful area for hillwalking or walking holidays. Also mountain biking, horse riding and other outdoor sports.

There are four national parks within about half an hour's drive, shallow rivers for children to paddle in, wild flowers and nature at its best.

As you walk there is only the sound of crickets or tumbling water.

Find out more by clicking on the photograph of the self-catering house in Poland on the right.

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