Rabka Zdrój - woodland walk

Rabka woodland walk
Woodland walk in Rabka Zdrój, southern Poland

A very pleasant walk awaits in the woods bordering Rabka Zdroj. It's a circuit of only 2 km long, up to a ridge with nice views, then back down again.

Like most woodland walks it's peaceful. This one has a string of rest points with information boards pointing out the flora and fauna of the woodland (in Polish with pictures).

Our photographs were taken on the 23rd of September 2007, a sunny day with glorious blue skies and very warm. September can be a variable month with temperatures ranging between 6 to 25 degrees. T-shirt weather on this particular day.

2007 has proved to be an exceptionally good year for mushrooms - people came for a walk with their baskets to carry their mushrooms home. They obviously know the difference between mushrooms and toadstools - all were prolific and added colour and interest to the walk.

Rabka woods for mushrooms


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Directions woodland walk Rabka Zdroj PolandDirections to the woodland walk in Rabka Zdrój

There are 2 small car parks near the beginning of the walk, one on ulica Podhalanska near the bridge where you turn into the lane for the woodland walk. Look for the sign on the tree.

Once there, you pass the barrier and select the right-hand fork, then essentially follow the different stops with a place to sit and rest. There is a place for barbecues at the beginning of the walk.

You will notice that women and children feel safe enough to walk alone - it's a relatively safe holiday destination.

IPlace for barbequest's mixed woodland although conifers dominate. There are wild flowers, bird boxes and enough things to look at for interest. There is a board that tells you what type of trees you can expect to see, it's all in Polish so do take a dictionary.

Small animals to look out for include salamanders and possible snakes although we've never seen either.

We would recommend it as a pleasant walk on a nice day - nothing too challenging; great for teaching children about the different types of trees.

If you enjoy walking or nature holidays then this is a terrific area for you with many local walks and national parks within easy striking distance.

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Krakow - 60 km (1 hour drive), Zakopane - 40 km


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