Rabkoland Funfair in Rabka

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Rabkoland is the permanent funfair set behind the market square in the centre of Rabka Zdroj. It offers thrills and spills for young children. There is a small rollercoaster and it's a good place to visit for a few hours entertainment.

Entry is free, rides require a token which can be purchased at one of the kiosks or for better value, buy a 'karnet' or 10 rides which comes with a discount.

There are all the usual fast food areas selling excellent hot dogs and burgers Polish style with mustard and ketchup, Polish grilled sausage, chips candyfloss, ice creams and drinks.

The small candy floss which costs about 3 zloty is big enough for most people, the large one at 5 zloty would amaze them.


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Order of the Smile RabkaJust inside the entrance of Rabkoland is a small museum which awards medals and awards known as the 'order of the smile' to noteworthy individuals who enhance children's lives. The author of the Harry Potter books, J K Rowling, is one of the British people so honoured. Everything is written in Polish but still worth a look.

Rabka Zdroj has much to offer young children and is highly recommended as a safe family holiday destination.

Animal rides in the park

Apart from Rabkoland there is the central park where go karts and bicycles can be hired and ridden, the fun of ponycycles in the square by the toadstool, the swing parks and sand pits and the salt spring and restaurants.

The river that runs past Rabkoland, Pocieszna Woda has shady banks and shallow sections where children can paddle during the summer. This is always a fun activity.

Krakow - 60 km (1 hour drive), Zakopane - 40 km


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