Rynek or the Main Square in Cracow (Kraków), south Poland

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Sit at a pavement cafe and watch the Cracovians at work and play. Enjoy ice cream sundaes, pancakes (nalesniki), the odd vodka or Polish beer or two, good Polish regional fare.


A gallery of photographs taken whilst people watching in the Old Square (click on photographs to enlarge) in Cracow:


Rynek or the Main Square in Cracow (Kraków )


Rynek in Stare Miasto, or the Main Square in the Old Town is a lively place, especially during the summer months when pavement cafes and restaurants spread out welcoming visitors with drinks, meals and ice cream.


It's a good place to sit and observe Poles at work and leisure.


The Tourist Information centre in the Old Square stocks a good selection of booklets about Cracow and southern Poland. Stock up on guide books or book trips to the Salt Mine, Zakopane etc. It's relatively simple to organise your own trips using public transport but these pre-booked trips do help make life easy at a price.

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Seller of Polish national costumes Polish crystal for sale © Holiday Lets Poland : Statue of Polish romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz in front of The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Main Square (Rynek Glowny) Cracow © Holiday Lets Poland : Leading to the small squate behind the Main Market Square © Holiday Lets Poland: View to the flower market in the main square Cracow small square behind the main square © Holiday Lets Poland : Crowds in the Main Square near the flower market section Stalls in the square selling jewellery and souvenirs Outdoor restaurants to sit and watch the very pretty Polish girls go by Cracow : inevitable carriage ride Cracow tours - you can always hire an electric cart for a guided tour and save your feet Cracow : There are always tourists taking photographs of each other in Rynek Always something happening in the main square (Rynek) in the Old Town Cracow:people come to visit from all over the world Cracow: road leading from the main square busy with people


More photographs on Rynek Glowny Cracow - the Polish name for the Main Square

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