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Bus station rabka Zdroj
Bus Station in Rabka Zdrój with timetables displayed and seating for waiting passengers

Hire a mini bus for up to 20 in Rabka for transfers from airport and day trips.

Car Rental

To get the most out of your holiday we recommend that you hire a car for at least part of the time. Car hire can be pre-arranged for collection from Krakow (Balice) Airport. This makes life easy in that an hour after leaving the airport you should arrive with luggage at the holiday house in Rabka.

We have also driven to Rabka via Cracow from the UK. It's a good drive in the summer and ensures that you have a car when you get there.

A hire car will ensure that you get to see all the places that interest you and are able to shop effortlessly. There is also a local car hire firm.

Rabka is a small town but spread over a large area - going anywhere other than the local shop and pub entails a lengthy walk. It's always pleasant downhill but returning home is uphill.

If you're not fit when you arrive, you will be a lot fitter by the time you leave!


Rabka Zdroj Railway Station

Rabka railway stationThere is a railway station with infrequent trains, about 4 a day which end early evening.

The journey to Krakow is about 2.5 times slower than by bus, so best used when there is heavy snowfall or you would like to see the countryside. There is a station in central Krakow (Krakow Glowny) and another 5 minutes walk from the airport terminal. A shuttle bus runs between the airport terminal and the airport railway station. The fare was 12 zloty Jan 2011). Hotels near the railway station in Cracow for easy access to the airport.

View Train Timetable for Poland - excellent site shows duration with English and German language options, all changes and connections. Train travel is incredibly cheap in Poland. It's also possible to transport bicycles.

Tickets can be purchased online. Visit ticket purchasing site (also in English).

Rabka Zdroj Bus Station

Bus rabka ZdrojMost people using public transport rely on buses - they're frequent, cheap and they go to a variety of destinations as well as Krakow and Zakopane.

The price of one-way ticket to Krakow is 12 zloty - just under £3.

Lookup the Krakow Bus Station Timetable for scheduled buses.

A car journey from Rabka to Cracow takes an hour, and from Rabka to Zakopane about 35 minutes (delays in skiing season due to queues).

The bus takes considerably longer. It is also possible to hire a private bus for a return airport trip for 10 people with luggage at 900 zloty. Private Rabka Bus may be slightly cheaper.


Rabka taxi rank near stationThere are two taxi ranks that we know of in Rabka; one opposite the station and the other a hundred yards up the road from the bus station. Head for the large advertising signs on arrival at the bus station.

We found taxi drivers in Rabka a mixed bunch of mostly middle-aged and older men. A trip back to Krakow Airport should cost no more than about 300 zloty, try to arrange a fixed fee beforehand.

Trips from one end of Rabka to the other cost anything between 11 and 25 zloty depending on day and time. After 10 pm and on Sundays is double the rate.

We have found that the taxi drivers have limited English but we would arrange if required. If using independently, have your destination written down and ask for a price first.

Possible useful telephone numbers (not used these):

  • 0048(0)18 267 74 48 taxis near bus station
  • 0048(0)18 267 95 82 - Pan Bogdan
  • 0048(0)18 26 797 06 or mobile 0048(0) 606 519 636 ask for Adam Karpus




cycling rabkaBring or borrow a bike - it's a great method of getting around the town. Loads of people cycle through the park - there's also a network of cycle trails just yards from the house.

We currently have just one bicycle in the house but plan to purchase more eventually for guests to use. The local cycle hire is extremely cheap, about 30 zlotys for one week.

Local Car Hire

Car hire is available in Rabka itself if you wanted a car for a few days for sightseeing.

Tel: (0)18 26 79 611

We tend to hire cars from the airport from Budget because we have found their service and cars the best. We have never experienced any problems and it means that if you have a car prearranged, you can be at the house an hour after collecting it.

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