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Walking up Kasprowy Wierch


There are way-marked walks for all abilities on Kasprowy Wierch. The valley walks are very pleasant and easy with lovely views. This photograph was taken in late September 2009 when skies were still blue, the ground dry and plenty of wild flowers and fungi to spot.


blue gentiansOne common flower at all levels was the blue gentian.


Walking is a popular pastime with people of all ages in the Tatrzanski National Park. You will meet some who will enjoy practising their English and stop for a chat.

Maps showing the various walkers' paths and trails in the Tatra mountains can be purchased from local shops. These will help you get the mosot of a walking holiday in the Tatra mountains.

Walking up Kasprowy Wierch in the Tatrzanski National Park



One of the mountains to climb in the Tatrzanski National Park is Kasprowy Wierch (1987 m). There are way-marked trails of various difficulties leading to the top.


The trails are well-maintained, usually with rock surfaces or stepped for high inclines. Walking boots should be worn. There is a walker's shelter with a restaurant at the top for refreshments and a bed for the night should you require one. There are also various basic timber bothies at various points which offer nothing more than a roof over your head.


The walks begin from the visitor centre in the Kuznice area in the south of Zakopane. There is no car parking there at all except for taxis, horses and carts and official transport. The best way to get there is to park in Zakopane itself, perhaps along Bronislawa Czecha, the road off of the roundabout at Aleja Przewodnikow Tatrzanskich. (Coming into Zakopane, take last exit at first roundabout, continue up this road which takes you past the Aquapark, police station PKP and PKS bus and railway stations), continue following the road until you reach a large roundabout (called a Rondo in Polish). Turn right into the road with ski jumps and ski centre. Park in a slot along the road or within the grounds of the Ski Centre. Someone will give you a ticket with your time of arrival which you pay on your return. Parking prices were 1 zloty for the 1st hour and 2 for each subsequent hour in 2009.


You will see minibuses parked near the roundabout (some of which say taxi). These ferry people up to the visitor centre in the Tatrzanski National Park for walks and the cable car. A ride cost 3 zloty in 2009.



There are toilets at the visitor centre in restaurants. You simply pay a 1 zloty fee to use them or they may be free if you're eating there. It's always a good idea to have some toilet paper with you when travelling in Poland just in case there is none.


Mimi buses below Cable Car Building picnic area at visitor centre Zakopane
Bus drop off point below the Cable Car Building. Cable car website with rates

Picnic area at visitor centre in Kuznice, Zakopane



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The Tatrzanski National Park

Tourist Information building


At the visitor centre at the entrance to the Tatrzanski National Park in Kuznice, Zakopane.


Everything for walkers and climbers


Apart from various methods of transport for getting walkers and tourists up to the visitor centre and back to various points in Zakopane there is a couple of restaurants, a collection of fast food stands selling the usual local smoked cheeses (oscipki), grilled sausage, chicken, chips etc. a couple of shops for snacks, a tourist information office housed in a lovely traditional wooden house (shown above) and a picnic area beside the river.


The river is shallow at this point and overspills into a kind of large pond shape where people paddle and sit around. Over the river is a wooden bridge leading to a payment kiosk and a choice of popular routes up into the mountains.


To the right of the shop further back is another entrance to the mountains up a wide lane with another payment kiosk further along.


Payment Kiosk for entry to the National Park


There is a list of rates for entry to the park. The revenue helps maintain the National Park. The normal adult fee in 2009 was 3.20 zloty.




Please note that there are toilets that anyone can use in the restaurants at the visitor centre. Once following a way-marked trail there usually aren't any toilets at all unless using the most popular route where there are portable toilets. The next regular toilets are in the walkers' shelters or schroniska where walkers can also get a bed for the night if booked in advance.



Safety in the Mountains



  • Be prepared with good walking boots to support your ankles - the terrain is rocky and sometimes wet.
  • Carry water, toilet paper and snacks in a backpack
  • Let someone know you're walking in the mountains so that they can raise the alert if you fail to return
  • Add the emergency numbers to your mobile phone should you require rescue - +48 601 100 300
  • Both arms waving in the air signals that you require help.


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The moderate route up Kasprowy Wierch


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skiing on Kasprowy Wierch in the winter


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