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Tourists in Zakopane purchasing small cheeses called oscypki. Crowded streets behind them - always something to see.

Aquapark in Zakopane

Take your swimsuit for a few hours of relaxation and exercise at the aquapark - a complex of indoor and outdoor geo-thermal swimming pools with flumes and jacuzzis.


Zakopane for shopping

Most tourists will purchase one of the local specialities to take home as souvenirs or gifts for friends and family.

If you go to the market you will come across stalls selling a wide variety of locally made products. Even if you're not interested in taking home some local honey, salted cheese, dried flower arrangement, sheepskin rug, wooden bread bin, embroidered tablecloth, woolly hat with a pompom, they all present a colourful feast for the eyes.

The main throughfare in Zakopane offers shops of all kinds up its length. Who can go to Poland and not purchase some of the sweets, like Krowki (a Polish fudge), or Katarzynki (gingerbread)?

There are high class shops selling amber in jewellery, lamps and household items. Much of the amber comes from the north Poland coast. Stained glass light catchers make superb gifts. Don't overlook the china and glass - Poland exports glass all over the world.

Good value items in Poland are goose and duck down filled pillows and duvets. Sheer bliss.

Perhaps have your portrait sketched or painted by one of several amazing artists who set up shop in the high street. Some of the best portrait artists we have ever seen are working in Zakopane.

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The Tatra National Park

zakopane tatra mountainsYou just have to pay a visit to the Tatra national park whilst you're in Zakopane - even if you get there by horse and cart and all you subsequently do is take a ride on the cable car. At least you will be able to appreciate the views and say you've been there. Don't forget the camera.

Walking up Kasprowy Wierch

There is also a funicular railway that takes you up into the hills on Gubalowka. Catch it from the station at the end of Zakopane market.

Internet Cafes in Zakopane

There are 5 Internet Cafes in Zakopane, 3 of them in the high street at ulica Krupowki. Prices of using Internet are really low, around 2 zloty or 40 pence per hour with additional costs for printing.

They are:

  • Alfa Net, ul Krupowki 2

  • Zamex, ul. Krupowki 22

  • Internet-Club, ul. Krupowki 54

  • Cafe Internet Club, ul. Zaruskiego 5

  • Widmo-Internet Cafe, ul. Generala Galicy


Money can be obtained using your normal Bank Card with Switch or Electron at numerous ATMs in every Polish town including Zakopane. It saves carrying too much cash around and we've always found that we get a good exchange rate.

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Local souvenirs

zakopane market wood products

Other things to taste in Zakopane

  • 5 of the 50 or so vodkas on offer

  • Polish beer

  • potato pancakes

  • giant jam doughnuts

  • waffles with a variety of toppings

  • hot mulled wine at Christmas

  • pierogi with meat

  • oscypki - salted cheese that resembles bread rolls

  • bigos - a sauerkraut and pork stew (traditional Polish gut warming fare)

bar mleczny zakopane

A Bar Mleczny (translates as Milk bar) provides good basic Polish food at unbeatable prices. This one is in Zakopane but you will come across them all over Poland.

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