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Autumn holidays in Poland

Autumn is a great time for visiting Poland

Poland holidays - see the great mushroom questAutumn is a great time for visiting Poland if you like sightseeing or walking.. The weather is generally pleasantly mild at this time of year after the onslaught of summer heat. The photograph above showing Lake Czorsztyn and Castle Niedzica was taken towards the end of October when the trees around the lake are in their glory before the fall.

This is the season of mushroom gathering. Wherever you go in the countryside you will spot Poles carrying bags for gathering mushrooms. Every walk in the woods becomes a serious mushroom hunt. And the mushrooms come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Women sell them at the roadside, dry them, bottle and freeze them. It's a national frenzy.

Blueberries and blackberries grow on the hillsides, orchard fruits ripen adding more colour to gardens. There is still plenty of daylight and often sunshine. In early September it starts getting dark around 7.30 pm.

Different wild flowers bloom on hills and meadows. We have come across plants unknown to us in the UK, those growing higher in the hills distinctly alpine with edelweiss-like papery petals.

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The tourist attractions such as the salt mines near Cracow, Cracow itself and other popular places become less busy with smaller queues. Children in Poland, like those in the UK return to school at the beginning of September.

It is worth noting that asll four seasons can be experienced in October. The temperature on the 14th of October in 2007 was 17 degrees, then on the 20th it snowed!

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