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Best walking holiday ever in south Poland


Walk the hills around Rabka Zdroj in southern Poland - fabulous views

The town of Rabka Zdroj nestles in the Gorce hills, part of the Beskid chain in southern Poland. These hills are truly a walker's paradise - once out on the hills you won't want to go home, one fabulous view follows another.

Polish countryside is open with few fences - you can walk almost everywhere. The woods and forests are not managed on the whole and are just as nature intended. Even if you're not an avid hill walker, this area will inspire you.

The best month for walking is September. The photographs on this page were taken on the 30th of September 2007. The temperature was around 18 degrees but felt warmer because of the lack of wind. Click on the photographs to view larger images and enjoy.

The countryside is just stunning during autumn hill walking in Poland and following the path uphill walking holiday in Poland
Looking downhill walk through trees and woods on Maciejowa hill, varid terrain A beautiful dog with blue eyes Rabka Zdroj - nestling among the hills
autumn approaching a view into the setting sun trees for shelter at intervals on the walk hills around Rabka in Poland
paths and trails criss-cross the hillsides sit and stare a the view beside the broken tree autumn berries cow on the hillside

It's always interesting on the hills around Rabka Zdroj, not only because of the wonderful scenery but because of the other walkers and people you stumble across.

We met the most beautiful husky cross dog out for a walk with its owners. It had lovely blue eyes - a real cutie. autumn walking holidays


Then there was a nun with a small group of people who stopped beside a wooden cross on the hillside - we assume they were going to pray. From this place, the world is simply paradise and anyone would be thankful.

To get to this walk, walk to the top of ulica SĹ‚oneczna in Rabka Zdroj, through the meadow and follow the path to the right. Head for the small hill to your right. As you can see, the views are simply superb. On a clear day you will be able to see the Tatra mountains on the horizon to your right as you ascend the hill.


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