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Hill walking in Poland

A walk up Maciejowa Hill in Rabka Zdroj, southern Poland

Numerous people in Poland walk, of all ages, sizes and shapes - it's a national pastime. Walkers greet each other with 'dziendobry' or good day. You will come across 'schroniska' or shelters for walkers where you can purchase simple meals and drinks, and often stay the night.

Summers can be hot, spring and autumn are excellent months for walking holidays. The following photographs were taking on the 2nd September 2007 walking up Maciejowa Hill (815 m) - the first in a chain of hills from the ski and spa town of Rabka Zdroj in Gorce, Malopolska. Others in the chain are Turbacz a 1310 m, Wierchowa at 940 m plus many more.

At the very top of Maciejowa is a schronisko or walker's shelter selling hot and cold drinks and basic meals and snacks. Just beyond it is the entrance to the Gorczanski National Park.

The views as you climb the hill are wonderful from all sides. It's worth the walk even if you're not a seasoned walker. Click on the following thumbnails to get a taste of what you might see.

Poland - Maciejowa Maciejowa path uphill hill walking in Poland walking holiday in Poland
Poland flower meadow on Maciejowa hill walk through trees and woods on Maciejowa hill, varid terrain the town of Rabka Zdroj begins to fade intoi the distance Rabka Zdroj - a few scattered houses nearby
distant views of Rabka and environs as you climb ever upwards, gentle incline until now Maciejowa ill for lots of wild flowrw, wild mushrooms, various berries trees for shelter at intervals on the walk hills around Rabka in Poland
ski lifts for winter skiing near the top - getting there ski lifts at the top of the ski slopes which are used in winter blue flowers grow  at the side of the path in late summer and early autumn alpine flowers resembling edelweiss grow higher up the hill alongside blueberries, called an Acanthus leaved Carline thistle
heavily forested at one side of the path schronisko Maciejowa, a place of refreshment Close up of the walkers rest place on Maciejowa Hill horse on Maciejowa, riders dismounted for a rest and drink

Husky dogs are bred and kept near the schronisko or rest place for walkers on Maciejowa. These are run across the snow in the winter. There are occasional horse riders, quad bikers and plenty of mountain bikers.

Do take a look inside this rest place to marvel at the fabulous wood carvings in the hall.Maciejowa Wood Carvings in the walkers hut or shleter


Once you've conquered Maciejowa hill, there are plenty of others to tackle in the Gorce Range, walks in the Gorczanski National Park, or if you want something really challenging, go to Zakopane and pit your wits against the Tatra mountains.


Other easy walks in Rabka Zdroj are a woodland walk, a walk along the river and through the park.

Autumn is a lovely time to visit because of the reddish hues of the trees.


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