If you long for a holiday in the hills and mountains but would prefer to stay closer to home, Scotland offers stunning scenery, tree clad hills, sparkling rivers, tremendous wild life and so much to see and do.


Book self-catered holiday accommodation in Scotland

Rent a holiday cottage, pine lodge or house for a week or two and enjoy days out exploring the countryside, paddling or walking around a loch, fishing or bird watching.

Self-catering holidays in Scotland could be a gentle introduction to the British Isles for Europeans. For a start, the rental rates are lower than in the south of England, there are few people, easier driving on the roads and it is natural and unspoilt.

View holiday cottages in Scotland

When you rent a cottage or pine lodge in Scotland, you have to pay the rental a few weeks in advance of your arrival. This is normal practice in Britain. You also agree to be bound by the terms which include the maximum number of guests who can stay.

The question might be, where to go on holiday in Scotland? There are just so many stunning regions and the remote islands as well. Read about the possibility of cottage holidays in Scotland and obtain an overview of the different regions.

Lots of people like to visit the capital Edinburgh and of course, you could have a two centre holiday with a few days in Edinburgh, followed by a few days in the countryside, or you may wish to book a holiday cottage within 30 miles of Edinburgh which allows you to do both.