Holidays in south Poland, exploring the Dunajec Gorge

Dunajec Gorge Poland
Appreciate the lovely scenery (reminiscent of the Dordogne) as you sail in a raft from Splyw Dunajca to Szcawnica. The depth of the river varies from a few centimetres to 18m. There are rocks to avoid, but generally it's a relaxing experience in the control of trained Gorale.

Other people also canoe, mess around in boats or fish on the river.

Dunajec Rafting

Catch a boat at Splyw Dunajca, south of Czorsztyn, in the Pieninski National park.

A very professional and efficient service is operated. There are literally hundreds of boats available with a wait of around 10 minutes (in busy periods) for departure after buying your ticket.

The two gorale who paddle and steered our boat inspired confidence. There was a lot of good banter and leg pulling, a running commentary all the way down the river, with stories of dwarves, and a nun who misbehaved with all of them Faces in the rock were pointed out to us, also various landmarks and historic or geological details. It was all in Polish, so do find someone who can translate because it was amusing and entertaining.

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Wonderful scenery along the Dunajec

rafting Dunajec

The river is part of the border with Slovakia

Three crowns - hills that you pass

Poland rafting people swim and canoe fromthe banks of the Dunajec
messing about on the river Anglers fishing on the Dunajec in the shallows
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