Mushroom picking holidays in Poland

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Take your children on a mushroom picking holiday in Poland for a holiday with nature and just that something different.

Mushroom Picking holidays

Mushroom picking is a national passion in Poland; people of all ages and walks of life go out into the fields and woodland to pick mushrooms in the autumn.

There are various variety of mushroom and toadstool and everyone seems to have a good knowledge and able to differentiate between toadstools and edible or non-edible mushrooms.

These are taken home, frozen, dried, or bottled for future use. Mushroom picking is a relaxing type of holiday; not only do you get plenty of walks and fresh air but also the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie, competition and to extend your knowledge of fungi.

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Fellow foragers

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Squirrels are also busy gathering supplies for the lean winter months ahead. You will come across the Polish dark brown squirrel gathering nuts to bury. These white bellied squirrels are quite tame in the parks.

Autumn is a lovely time to visit Poland; when trees are laden with fruit, the leaves on the trees are lovely shades of red and gold.

Come in September when it's still fairly warm and enjoy a country holiday of yesteryear as people forage for mushrooms, berries, rose hips to turn into tea and experience a completely different kind of holiday. Find out more about the things you can do and see on a holiday in Poland. There is much more to Poland than a wide variety of mushrooms.

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Some colourful toadstools to admire but not eat

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