banks currency and exchnage rates in Poland

Dealing with currency and exchange rates in Poland

Going on holiday to Poland and other foreign destinations has never been easier in terms of dealing with money. Debit and credit cards can be used to obtain cash in the foreign currency wherever we are. At the time of writing (2011) Poland still uses the zloty - symbol PLN. There are plans to convert to Euro but these may be delayed due to financial problems in the Eurozone countries.

It is best to inform your bank before you travel abroad anywhere because sometimes you may find that your card will not work because banks have tightened up security. Nowadays banks like to make sure that your card is being used by you alone. At the same time it pays to ask about withdrawal fees and the likely exchange rate you will receive. There are certain cards available that do not cost extra to use abroad.

There are plenty of Kantors or money exchange booths in all reasonable sized towns in Poland. In our experience, a better exchange rate for Sterling is obtained once you are in Poland. It does mean carrying cash which some people may find too risky.

Although you're on holiday, do take all safety precautions that you would back home. Do not let any debit or credit cards out of your sight.

For anyone staying in Poland for a lengthy period, it will be necessary to open a local bank account and have money transferred to it. Lots of people work abroad in other Eurozone countries because of the freedom of movement to do so. In this case a service such as www.xendpay.pl would enable money transfers to Poland securely.

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