Vacation rentals near Cracow (Krakow) in the south of Poland

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Take a horse and cart ride to view main tourist attractions in the centre of Cracow.


Cracow or Kraków spelt the Polish way

Almost every tourist to Cracow visits the main square in the old town. The largest town square in Europe, it's smart and attractive; a place where tourists gather to enjoy the street entertainers, feed the pigeons and eat and drink at pavement cafes.

The old town is still partly enclosed by walls and encompassed by a green circle of park. Benches provide welcome places to rest at regular intervals in the park. You will see both tourists and Poles making good use of them.

One way to gain an idea of where the main tourist attractions are within the old town is take a horse and cart ride, although everywhere in the old town is within walking distance.

Ask and these should take you past the Wawel Castle and cathedral, the river Wisla, and other notable places of interest.


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Churches and architecture in Cracow

rentals cracowEven if you're not an architecture enthusiast, you're bound to be impressed by the many beautiful buildings and churches. You can generally, enter the churches to view the magnificent carving and painted murals.

Onion domes on churches are fairly common throughout Poland, especially on medieval ones.

The Poles' artistic and design flair is evident in Cracow. You will find that they create things their way rather than imitate the west, which is refreshing and much more interesting for tourists.

The kiosks in Cracow and Poland

cracow kioskKiosks can be found at the side of most main roads in Krakow.

They sell everyday essential items like tram tickets, telephone cards, newspapers, snacks and drinks.

Cracow Christmas Market

A Christmas market takes the place of the usual flower market in the main square in Cracow from the end of November until early January.

Buy all sorts of festive treats and decorations for Christmas, enjoy hot mulled wine and sizzling sausages.

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Eating out in Cracow

One of the great pleasures of holidaying in Cracow is eating out, good choice, excellent quality and low prices.

You will find a wide range of restaurants serving anything from traditional Polish food to Greek, Italian and that of other countries.

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