Self-catering holidays near Babiogorski National Park in Poland


The Babiogorski national park in Malopolska, southern Poland, is filled with beautiful wild flower meadows.

Babiogorski National Park in Małopolska, Poland

The Babiogorski national park is in south west Poland and overlaps the Czech border. From the Polish side, it's a landscape of rolling medium sized hills incorporating the Babia Gora or Women's Hill.

takingcows homeOnce you're in the hills, there are plenty of quiet roads through small villages and hamlets, and a wonderful array of wild flowers in the grass verges and meadows.

Cows placidly chew the cud and appear pleased to encounter a different face.

The local population reacts the same way, expressing interest in each newcomer. The impression is of a quiet rural community where nothing much happens.

Walkers ramble through the forests, for many the aim is to climb to the top of one of the hills. Most of the young Polish walkers enjoy a conversation and the opportunity to practice their English.

You won't find great heights with spectacular views here, but you will find plenty of glorious countryside, fields farmed the Polish way, with different crops sown in strips.

strips fields Babagora


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The Babiogorski National Park

Every so often you will stumble across a roadside shrine to one of the myriads of Catholic saints.

monks shrine babiagora



Forested areas in the Babiogorski Park

Plenty of hiking and mountain bike areas through the forests. Visitor centres for information and refreshments.


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