Skiing on Kasprowy Wierch near Zakopane

skiing on Kasprowy Wierch Zakopane
Great skiing on Kasprowy Wierch

Fabulous skiing on the Kasprowy Wierch ski slopes in the Tatrzanski National Park for people who can already ski.


Kasprowy Wierch (1987 m) in Zakopane is a both a summer and winter playground. The snow lasts there until the end of April. In 2010 the skiing season eneded on the 4th of May and the photo on the left was taken on the 29th April 2010 when there was still 1.11 m of snow and superb conditions with sunshine and warmth.

The only way for skiiers to get to the top is to take the cable car from the Kuznice Visitor Centre and purchase a pass at the top for use of the ski lift. After 11 am day passes are half-price.

There are also numerous way-marked trails of various difficulties leading to the top which are wonderful for walkers who visit Kasprowy Wierch during the summer.

The cable car journey to the top of Kasprowy Wierch is in two stages, skiers have to exit one cable car then go into another for the final summit.

Facilities at the top of Kasprowy Wierch include:

  • A storage place for your unwanted gear
  • A restaurant and toilets
  • Ticket office for ski passes



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The Tatrzanski National Park

Tourist Information building


An entrance fee is payable to go into the Tatrzanski National Park

To get to the cable car station for Kasprowy Wierch

Go to Kuznice using one of the mini-buses that leaves from the railway station, bus station and various other points in Zakopane.

  • There are plenty of places to eat and ski hire.
  • Public toilets at the cable car station
  • It is usual to use the toilets of restaurants and pay the toilet fee
Please note that there is nowhere to park your car at the Kuznice Visitor Centre





Skiing on Kasprowy Wierch - Jan to end of April.

These ski slopes are ideal for experienced skiiers - not beginners.


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Summer photographs of the walk up Kasprowy Wierch in Zakopane.....


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