Self-catering summer holidays in Poland - 5 bedroom house to sleep 6-10

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A busy street scene in Cracow during the summer

Summer holidays in Poland

Summers are glorious in Poland - sunny and warm. The country is mainly forest and farmland from one end to the other with a few large cities, small towns and villages scattered here and there.

Each part of Poland has its own national dress, customs and places of interest.

We feature the south of Poland between Cracow and Zakopane - the hilly and scenic mountainous section in the south.

Cracow, city of Polish Kings is well-preserved with the 2nd largest medieval square in Europe, complete with original cloth hall, wonderful churches and former Jewish quarter of Kazimierz dating back to the mid 14th century.

The ski and hill walking centre of Zakopane attracts visitors all year round. You will never see as many walkers in one place as here.

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Walled City of Cracow

old town cracow holidaysTourists head for the old walled town inside Cracow. It's a smallish area that you can cross from end to another on foot. There are also plenty of trams affording cheap travel as long as you know where you're going and understand the routes.

Most of the tourist attractions like the old square, cathedral, castle are inside the old town. The former Jewish quarter with its heritage tour is outside the old town but still within walking distance if you're reasonably fit. It can be found across from Wawel Castle.

Hill walkers in earnest

hill walking in PolandThe Poles are a nation of hill walkers; they're everywhere up and down the hills and mountains.

It's a little embarrassing to be overtaken by a bunch of elderly matrons as you huff and puff your way uphill. The views of the surrounding countryside from the tops of hills are simply gorgeous.

Folk music and dance

If you enjoy watching traditional Polish folk music and dance, there are numerous concerts on during the summer, and a big folk festival in Zakopane in late summer.

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Rafting on the Dunajec river and cycling on the riverside path are popular and very pleasant summer activities.

summer on the Dunajec river in south Poland

Hire a bicycle in Szczawnica and cycle along the Dunajec River to the Red Monastery across the border in Slovakia enjoying fantastic views along the way.

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